Afraid to Buy Software From a Small Company?

OK, you have discovered what seems to be a notable software program product that solves a important enterprise issue (and at a awesome charge), so that you speak to a “choice-maker” – this might be your boss, the CIO or perhaps a nearby controller. You present a number of your findings (based totally on a “stay” demonstration) and before you can finish, they need to understand everything approximately the software vendor…Now not a awful component, it’s part of the due diligence method Residential Care Software.

Unfortunately, because the software dealer does not appear in Gartner’s “Magic Quadrant” or isn’t always considered a “Top 5” player, your idea is fast disregarded because “…They are too small and consequently too huge a chance for our company.” You feel a touch intimidated; perhaps even embarrassed which you cautioned the idea and are thinking this is probably the closing time you stick your neck out.

Obviously, you do not need to play excessive-stakes poker with your company’s cash – so is your idea that crazy (simply as it’s a small software seller)? If the software can without a doubt deal with your core commercial enterprise requirements, ask your selection-makers to consider the subsequent 8 motives whilst evaluating software program carriers:

1. Personalized Service, Care, and Support (for the existence of your software program). When you buy software program from a smaller agency, you’re buying an extended-time period relationship that is nurtured after the sale. You may not get hold of that “whiz-bang” PowerPoint and handsome binder containing all the ones advertising and marketing glossies but you will acquire attention to element and an answer tailor-made to your enterprise needs…And people desires will alternate over the years, so it’s crucial that your vendor stay carefully aligned and linked in your enterprise.

2. Better Value. Small companies have less overhead and do matters greater price-efficaciously. This reduction in fee interprets to a better charge for the buyer without sacrificing the best of the product or the great of service. The Internet has leveled the gambling field and allows small businesses to offer low-cost revolutionary merchandise, services, and assist. Research and improvement is laser-focused on including commercial enterprise cost the usage of the most modern technology.

Three. Faster Response. When you need it quick, there is not a complicated maze of procedures and employees to make it appear. The decision-makers in a small commercial enterprise are only a call/e mail/textual content away!

4. LESS Risk. Your due diligence will decide whether software can meet your desires. Concerned about whether the organization can be around next year? Consider what is taking place on the high-quit of the software enterprise – consolidation (mergers and acquisitions) resulting in the unknown future or direction of software merchandise. Ask for references; many small agencies have Fortune 500 customers! Choose a small company with a well-architected product that makes use of modern era/requirements and ask to escrow supply code – inside the worst case situation, you end up with an “open-source” answer!

Five. More Influence (assume “improvements”). Your changing enterprise requirements have a extra opportunity of being serviced through a smaller corporation and more quick. Think approximately that massive supplier constructed via mergers/acquisitions. Think there may be any threat your idea may be carried out? How lengthy will it take that huge seller to alternate a product(s) that has more than one versions being supported (and in distinctive technologies)? Your enterprise will trade…Can your software program keep pace? A small software program vendor can beautify its product quickly and economically to meet your real-international commercial enterprise desires.

6. Better Technology Faster. A smaller organisation can react a great deal more quick to changes because changes to their product are less complex. Change is not a four-letter word. When driven by way of business desires, alternate improves the product and blessings the patron. Change is fast in a small agency; a properly-architected product and one model of software program is an environment that huge businesses handiest dream about.

7. Transparency. A small commercial enterprise can’t conceal underneath a corporate umbrella. When there are issues, there aren’t any excuses, and you’ve instant get admission to to the choice-makers in a small commercial enterprise. Losing a consumer isn’t always taken into consideration an alternative in a small commercial enterprise.

Eight. Flexibility. A small commercial enterprise isn’t limited by means of company rules and guidelines; a small enterprise fosters an surroundings of creativity/innovation. The simple premise isn’t to fulfill the needs of shareholders but to find a lengthy-term commercial enterprise solution that benefits both the provider of software/offerings and the consumer.

The above list is supplied to stimulate discussion. Depending upon the scale of your corporation, you could have a formal system for selecting/shopping software merchandise and you can grow to be selecting a product from a big software program supplier…My aim is really to make certain your choice is made for the all of the proper motives!

Dismissing a capacity answer based on the size of a organisation is shortsighted…Attention absolutely everyone’s attention on the large photograph – can the vendor provide a value-powerful, sustainable solution that may alternate and develop together with your commercial enterprise?

Dave Berent is Director of Business Development for Point Dynamics LLC a provider of Content Management answers. He has labored in each small and huge agencies. Dave has helped accumulate companies, been a part of a merger, and was also part of a company that become received with the aid of a public organisation. He has been on each facets of the purchasing table and is aware the seller’s and the customer’s perspective.

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