How Can a Housing Authority Streamline Its Processes?

A paperless office? That simply does no longer seem feasible. What if your cheap housing branch may want to remove all of the endless hours spent looking through record cabinets for crucial documentation – packages, re-certification and inspections papers?

In the past, housing organizations have struggled to locate area to store the ever-increasing amount of programs, funding contracts, loan and mortgage files and greater. Thanks to digital file management software program programs, they no longer must fear approximately misplacing an important record or the trouble that comes at the side of by accident duplicating data and storing in it diverse locations. An online file control system presents answers to these organizational issues, as well as addresses other essential concerns of housing departments.

Besides paper and file processing, housing departments have 3 other foremost worries: complying with report retaining and reporting laws, lowering administrative costs and distributing their provide cash as correctly as viable. The exceptional manner for low cost housing agencies to handle office work inflow, lessen costs, greater easily comply and distribute price range is to enforce an electronic report management and compliance gadget that consists of workflow automation.

There are many advantages that come with a document management device. These blessings include: at ease document seize, routing, storing; fast and organized protection of packages, re-certifications, inspection and economic documents (all audit-capable documents); the capability to reveal every record from its advent to when it’s far purged; automated approval approaches that circulate a file through the proper workflow rather than guide paper pushing.

With an internet report management gadget, your organization’s files at the moment are electronic. So, what happens if a couple of user is having access to and converting the identical document simultaneously? Version control and revision monitoring features cope with this issue. The machine will song and make a report of who has accessed what documents and what adjustments to the report(s) have been made. The most updated and recent version is displayed as the contemporary document.

Because an electronic document control gadget is web-based totally, there are cost-saving advantages. With the huge amount of office work that lower priced housing companies cope with daily, they may be continuously struggling to give you enough office area to store and document facts, resulting in more costs. An digital gadget converts paper documents to electronic documents doing away with the want to office garage space, not to mention disposing of paper processing, printing and copying prices.

Now, onto Records Management. With a device that includes a Records Management module for compliance, the utility tracks document retention intervals and will alert you when its closing date has passed, and the document wishes to be purged. This capability is specially beneficial to save you compliance issues that get up from surprise audits.

How does a report control gadget help with dispensing provide money? Well, housing departments ultimately want to perform this assignment as short and efficient as feasible. Document control software lets in you to tug and drop or import digital files and applications. Say you want to convert a supply application form to an digital model. Scan the document(s) into the online gadget, wherein it is then routinely stored and may be straight away accessed and moved through an automatic approval manner. This lets in applications to be quickly processed and authorized, ensuing in provide cash being allotted faster and greater effectively.

What about all of those emails housing eprocurement software companies daily receive? Document control software program offers a solution for this too. With e-mail archival, the device categorizes and documents every e-mail and fax this is acquired. If a consumer desires to locate a selected electronic mail or fax in a while, you may quick retrieve through using a text seek.

With all of those time and value saving advantages, there’s no motive not to recollect a web record control system for your affordable housing department. Start with the aid of doing your homework and getting to know software program that offers all and extra of the blessings mentioned. And do not forget, select an software so that it will address ALL of the desires of your enterprise.

Martin Greif has over 15 years in the document management industry. He currently serves at the Board of Directors for Document Advantage Corporation (DocuVantage). He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM).

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