Why Choose Punggol EC? (Part 1)

Have you no longer heard? Punggol EC is the new issue in town!

People were awful mouthing Punggol. Today, I will debunk the myths and nip it in the bud.

Punggol may be undeveloped now, however that does not imply it’ll stay this way for all time. The authorities has already released plans that it’s going to groom the place into the next Big Apple.

For people who are terrified of the constrictions concerned now, worry no longer! With Punggol so close to to Compass Point at Sengkang, it will tide you over until the place transforms into your idealistic nation.

Compass Point at Sengkang
Before I start, remember the fact that a majority of these shops are in one small mall. Picture the convenience you can have the funds for now.

Food Connoisseur
Fancy consuming out? Compass Point boasts of severa eateries. They include a extensive form of choice. From Japan there may be Ajisen Ramen, Hong Kong there is Canton Paradise, and many others like Olio CafĂ©, Soup Restaurant and Swensen’s.

Heavy Eaters
Wait, do I pay attention your belly grumbling all over again? Oh well, I did now not need to disclose this however this mall has Seoul Garden and Sakae Sushi too. Eat your fill and I pray that your belly can handle the surfeit of natural bliss.

Fast Food Fanatics
Sorry, I did not recognize you select speedy food. As the announcing is going, time is the essence. This small mall has essentially all the short food restaurants to be had. They encompass McDonald’s, KFC, Long John Silver’s, Burger King, MOS Burger, Subway and Pizza Hut. Frankly talking, what more do you want?

Affordable Foodies
Fine! Might I hobby you in the Kopitiam Spectrum the mall has to provide. With the Kopitiam card it affords, you may brag about the discount of 10% every time you dine.

Fast spoil with a breakfast
The breakfast binger! Whatever you need, you get. With stores like Bengawan Solo, BreadTalk, Crystal Jade My Bread, Four Leaves and Polar Puffs & Cakes, the pastry celebration you’ve got continually wanted to greet you within the morning is a reality at final.

How to Boil a Soft Boiled Egg
Just kidding, who needs to recognize the way to olio extravergine di oliva eggs and crack them? Just head on right down to Compass Point and you will be able to discover the specialists in Yakun Kaya Toast and Toast Box. They could simply serve you an appropriately timed smooth boiled egg void of pieces of eggshell. Talk about happiness!

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